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Today(26/7)'s game prediction(LCK): KZ VS KT (16:00)

Time: 2018-07-26 05:00 (UTC)

Today(26/7)'s game prediction(LCK): KZ VS KT (16:00) Score Prediction: KT 2:0

KT beat GEN with 2:0 this week and KZ lost to GRF with 0:2. Although KZ won the series with 2:0 last time against KT, KT is showing that they are more stable from recent results which should be more favour in the matchup. KZ's performance is more fluctuated with high and low end. KT have high chance to take out first turret and first dragon. On the other hand, KZ's personal mechanic is better and good to get the first blood. For final score prediction, it is more convincing for KT 2:0.


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