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Featured Apps Spotlight:

Time: 2018-09-18 11:30 (UTC)

Hey Everyone,

Today we’re kicking off a new series of spotlight articles to highlight some of the community’s best applications that use the PUBG Developer API. If you missed our post about featured apps or want to learn more, you can check it out here or explore all of the featured applications by visiting Featured Apps. Let’s check out this week’s highlight!

Relive Entire Matches in 3D at allows you to relive any matches played in the last 14 days in 3D. The site allows you to move around, zoom in and out, and adjust the speed of the replay. It even shows the plane’s trajectory as it flies by with all the players parachuting down. It works on desktop, mobile, and even Xbox with controller support. The developers encourage you to explore the match and review data to see how you can improve your skills.

You can search for a player’s matches by typing in their in-game name and selecting their region. You’ll be presented with a list of matches which include their rank, map, and when each match was played. You can also see the summary of each “session”, matches played within 4 hours of one another, making tracking a player’s progress even easier.

Once you start a replay, data on the left appears in the “kill feed” as players are killed and includes ranks, weapons, kill distance, and team colors. Meanwhile, you can view each player’s health, equipped items, attacks between players, and movements across the map including whether or not a player is in a vehicle. Watch as care packages drop and view their inventory.’s Newest Feature just introduced the ability to toggle between 3D and 2D replay. For instance, you can press the “M” key during a replay on a computer to switch between the modes, providing yet another perspective to view the match from.

The Future For

The creators of are planning on adding points of interest for your squad including kills, deaths, and even chat messages. They are also working on adding the ability to automatically follow a particular player during the replay. invites PUBG players and fans to offer feedback, beta test features, and propose new features by joining their Discord.


Featured applications like use the official PUBG API to gather PUBG post-match game data. More information about this free service is available at the Developer Portal. That’s it for this week! Join us for future posts as we continue to highlight the very best of the PUBG Developer API Community!

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